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4.8 (3500+ Ratings)


163 Retail Park
Mont Kiara

-No Bleach Required-


- 2023 Summer Hair Trend
- Easy to maintain
- Work friendly and gives body and dimension to hair

Cappuccino - CLASSIC BROWN

- Classic colour that never goes out of style.
- Easy and effortless to maintain 
- Gives body and dimension to hair


- Bold and deep but brings out a brightness to your face!
- A little maintenance goes a long way
- Reminiscent of the 2022-2023 trend

Copper Tones - 100% EYE CATCHY

- Is suitable and has a shade for most skintones
- Low maintenance
- Eye-catching and makes a statement

2024 Sunshine Color Bundle


1) Professional Hair Consultation

2) Haircut

3) 1-Tone Color

4) Hair Mask

5) Wash & Blow

6) Basic Styling

Hair Transformations by Walking on Sunshine Stylists
-no bleach required-


Beyond Basic Hair Looks (Bleach Required)
-Additional Charges-

Balayage / Airtouch

- Volumizing and has body and depth customized to your hair type
- Easy to maintain even with bleaching
- Trendy and natural looking

Ash Blonde

- Also popularized as the "Milk Tea Hair"
- Great for those who want to keep a brown hair but with a deeper gray undertone
- Looks best with a shadow root for easier maintenance

Barbie Blondes

- Trendy for 2023 with the rise of Y2K trend.
- Would require a few rounds of bleaching depending on your hair condition
- Perfect for those who want to standout and want to replicate a Kpop idol look.

Gemini Hair

- Also known as a split dye, this can be either through peek-a-boo, money piece highlight, or half-half full colour.
- You can bring out your personality with the colour selection and style.
- Will require a few rounds of bleaching depending on the colour selection.


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Women's Weekly Hair Awards 2017
Women's Weekly SPA awards 2018
Elle beauty treat list 2018
Best in Singapore
Bazaar Hair Awards 2019


- Walking on Sunshine Reviews -

Rating 4 - 1,232 votes

Google Review

2,500+ reviews

Fish Cheah

It was a very pleasant experience at the salon with KT as she's such a friendly person and had been such a great help in deciding on what to do with my hair. The end result was amazing and I'm in love with the colour!

Sharmaine Arissa

Alex is an amazing colourist and hair stylist! He’s patience and always provide solutions on the possible method we can opt for. He’s polite and super patience. I just appreciate him! Only coming back for Alex

C C Lee

My first time here very impressed by the service given. As you walk in they make sure you’re comfortable, the salon itself it’s very pretty like a garden and welcoming.My stylist KT was very nice, she explained what I can do to my hair and she’s definitely not pushy and very honest with her opinion. She’s very gentle with my hair and love the results how my hair turns out! After a week, my hair is still easy to style and trendy.Will definitely come back and highly recommended. P/s drinks menu is great too added like to the salon

Irina Kovalenka

Nice salon, I recommend. Inside is beautiful and stylish. Comfortable armchairs. They serve coffee and water. I got my hair cut by Justin - a pleasant and smiling master. In the process, he specified in length whether everything suits. In the end it turned out exactly what I wanted. Paid 148 ringgit.

Walking on Sunshine 
- Stylist
Team -



With a decade of experience in the industry, plus having spent some time in Japan back in 2014 to strengthen her hair cutting and perming skills, Angeline is certainly the stylist you would feel comfortable to leave your hair with. Her service level is second to none, it's no wonder that wherever Angeline goes, her regular customers follow!

Haircuts, Chemical Jobs

Day-Off Schedule:
Monday & Thursday


Senior Stylist

JJ (Justin) started his journey in hair industry back in 2005 and had diverse experiences under 4 different salons. He is know to be an excellent communicator among his colleagues and even customers. Many praises his ability to read, understand and meet customers expectations. During his free time, you'll probably find JJ working out at the gym as he is believes maintaining a healthy body equals to having a healthy, positive mind.

Haircut, styling, color and treatments

Day-Off Schedule:
Tuesday & Wednesday


Senior Stylist

Started her career in the hair industry 10 years ago. KT has spent time working in countries like the UK and Taiwan before settling back down in Malaysia. She is adept in all aspects of hair coloring and color correction for all hair types and textures. She also has an added advantage in working with Caucasian hair. KT’s personalized and thorough consultation with each of her client is also what sets her apart from the rank as this enables her to design the best hair according to each individual’s needs.

Colouring, Perming, Haircut, Blow-out 

Day-off Schedule:
Monday & Tuesday


Senior Stylist

Helen has over 17 years of experience in international high end salons as Assistant Creative Director also known as technician for 5 years, freelancing in various countries such as Singapore, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), and England (London) for 5 years, and owning a salon for 7 years in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Safe to say she’s rather experienced in handling Caucasian, Asian, Arab, and Mixed race hair structures and stylesFor each client, a unique suitable and easy-to-wear hairstyle is created. Helen is trained and certified in multiple color systems and enjoys using her knowledge to create exactly what her clients are envisioning when they sit down in her chair.

Men & Women Perm , Hair Colour, Blowing style, Haircut Design

Day-Off Schedule:


Senior Stylist

Dylan started his career way back in 2004. After working for 10 years in hair salons, he decided to venture into a slightly different field of hair styling. With opportunities to work with major fashion brands, magazines and fashion shows, he gained knowledge on uptrend hair styling. Having worked with various photographers, models and celebrities, you are assured of an up to date hairstyle consultation and design from him.

Hair styling, hair colouring, hair treatment (scalp)

Day-off Schedule:
Wednesday & Thursday


Senior Stylist

With 15 years of experience in the industry, Fei Yap not only has a pair of skillful hands that can create fantastic hairstyles for his clients, but he is also very experienced in managing a salon.
Having been a partnership director at another salon, he is very aware of what customers need and want when it comes to hair.

Colour, Haircuts

Day-off Schedule:


Senior Stylist

Tesmen has been a notable pioneer in the beauty hair industry for over 13 years. He's not only one of the friendliest guys, but he's also a fantastic colorist who has won multiple competitions in recent years. He enjoys working with his clients to create unique looks that they feel great in. Devoted to his profession and is always interested in learning new things, from techniques and materials to current trends and fashionable hues. When you sit in his chair, you can expect not just a flawless, head-turning product, but also conversation that will leave you smiling for the rest of the day!

Haircut, styling, color and treatments

Day-off Schedule:


Senior Stylist

Ewan has more than 11 years of working experience in the industry; since 2010 and has continuously expand his skill through constant learning. He had participated in several examination and obtained an award by the well known Kérastase Ambassador Malaysia back in 2015. Ewan with a calm and collected personality will be sure to listen to all your concerns and ensure you leave with beautiful hair with a smile on your face.

Haircut, color, Perm

Day off:

Stella Ng
Ivy Sakura

Senior Stylist

Ivy sakura has been working in hair industry for more than 18 years. She loves styling hair and making people feel good about themselves. She also share the art of hair with others and help them find their true beauty. If you’re looking for a stylist who will take care of your hair and make you feel great about it, then she have got you covered.

As what she says: "Hair is my passion" 

Haircut, Styling, Hair Colour and Design, Perms

Day-off Schedule:
Monday & Thursday


Junior Stylist

With over 2 years of hands-on experience in the field, Oswin is dedicated to providing top-notch service and creating memorable experiences for my clients. He believes that every day in this industry is an opportunity to learn and grow, and he is excited to continue his journey as a junior stylist, always striving to be the best he can be.

Haircut, Colour and Treatment

Day-off Schedule:



A seasoned stylist with a passion for creating personalized and fashion-forward looks that reflect the individuality of each of my clients. With 7 years of experience in the industry, Reiko strive to stay ahead of trends while also celebrating timeless elegance. She believes that style is a powerful form of self-expression, and she is dedicated to helping her clients look and feel their best. Whether you're looking for a bold new look or simply seeking to enhance your signature style, Reiko is here to help you unlock your full style potential.

Haircut, Blow-out, Styling

Day off:


Master Barber

John is a professional barber with 10 years of experience. Started his career in 2015 in Turkey and work with the UK and French companies in Malaysia. His magical hands can deliver you classical and modern hairstyles based on your performance.

Shaving, Skin-fade Haircut, Classic cut, Barber Perm

Day-off Schedule:
Monday & Tuesday

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